Thursday, July 8, 2010

I Got 'The Nod'

It's over.
The killing myself.
The heat exhaustion.
The stress.
The worry.
The back breaking work.

I do feel like all this stress has aged me a bit. Glenco took this candid snapshot of me this morning feeding the chickens. Stress - it does a body not good.

But the Garden Walk is three days away, you say.
Yes. It is.
I got the 'nod'.
What nod you ask?

The Terry Smutniak nod.
That's all I needed.

I wish I had a picture of Terry to insert here, but alas, I do not (will get one tonight at the dinner) - so here is a squirrel in a chef outfit. Not really applicable, but funny as all heck.


  1. Are you sure it's all about the chickens? or is it all about the goats? You know the ones Glenco said no to... When I read the title of your post today I was sure that it was going to say that Glenco gave you the nod for the go ahead on getting the goats. So disappointed that it's all about the chickens...but disappointed in a good way, you understand. lol

    Hugs to you

  2. An offer you couldn't refuse?? Oh, do tell more. lol

    I'm with Dianna… I thought it was a nod in favor of the goats. Do we send letters, as if we're writing to the congressmen, asking Glenco to reconsider? I can only imagine the tales that would come from a goat herder. :)

    It's raining here too, in Hoosierville. Much needed. I can't imagine needing any more from the downpours we've already had, but none the less, I'm not complaining and neither will my pumpkins.

  3. It's a good thing Terry gave you the nod. Imagine what might happen if the God Father of Gardening was displeased. You may wake up with a chicken head in your bed!

    Your Friend,

    PS I LOVE that photo Glenco snapped of you this morning! (Still laughing)

  4. That is wonderful! Your ready to go girl!

  5. I too thought it was a nod of approval for a goat.. DANG.. now I'm disappointed and somewhat confused... Do tell what this nod is. Purdy pleeeze.


  6. Ok, 4pm update - sorry to disappoint ya'll about the goats. I'm still working on it, and really taking in some of the negative comments to heart. I can just see this being one of those 'told ya so' things! You guys crack me up! I did get a book on goats from the 'libary'. Still don't know what my next THANG will be. And 'the offer I couldn't refuse' well - that's just a famous line from the movie -

  7. Good luck this weekend- I'd make the drive up there to see it, but doubt that I can convince my husband to take vacation detour!
    Your gardens are inspiring.

  8. Good luck this weekend- I'd make the drive up there to see it, but doubt that I can convince my husband to take vacation detour!
    Your gardens are inspiring.

  9. Wish I could be there to tour all those gardens...especially yours.
    Love your pics, and wishing Glenco will break and say yes to your goats...although I can't imagine why you really want more work! ;)


  10. So glad you got the nod. I hope you can relax now and head on to the next "thang" with your usual gusto!

  11. woo hoo..."ThE NoD"...oh how famous those words are...they always carry a different and Secret meaning...but the blessed recipient of that said nod is flooded with content and satisfaction and accomplishment and relief and some form of closure and completion....
    uhhhhh....did I get it right? is that what it felt like??? Cause that's what it sounded like to me...and if so, I am thrilled for you. YOu have worked SO hard. Now what kind of shenanigans will a chicken whisperin', bee talkin', garden hoein, scooter ridin' , hot cookin mama in the kitchen get herself into NOW???? OH MY STARS!!!
    on the edge of my eye is twitchin' about that whole goat thing for you....gahhh...
    LOL ...Love coming over here to read and catch up and LAUGH!
    Have some wine tonite! Hugs!!!!

  12. Another entertaining blog post to cheer my afternoon. Glad you got the nod - I'm not sure who Terry is since I'm states away from you, but if you're happy about the Terry-nod, then so am I!!

  13. Well, I'm just happy to see that your pitch-perfect sense of humor is still intact, amidst all of the garden stresses. But as your best friend in the whole entire world, I have to tell you Marty, by the looks of things, you could use a new night cream. And a girdle. And a wig. And some new sensible shoes. And a camera that takes color pictures. But I'm only telling you that because I'm your best friend in the whole entire world.

  14. Yay! You can stop stressing now!

  15. Hi there, you blog is new to me, I have enjoyed it very much, love your nod, hugs my friend, stop by and visit me one day when you have time, Blessings, Barbara from

  16. Oh jeez-I hate to be the bad gal here, but do you know about Bill Grogans Goat?
    I'll see if I can remember...

    Bill Grogans goat
    Was feeling fine
    Ate three red shirts
    from off the line....

    hmmph..can't remember the rest. But I think at least wait until after the garden stroll. Goats eat anything, flowers, weeds, shirts, probably not guineas though! They'd eat your list of things to do, that might be a plus!

    How did you get rid of your lovely ankle bracelet poison ivy? Because I have it for a second time this summer. It's stressin' me out!


  17. "God is watering my garden..."
    love it!

  18. Woderful girl you are. That picture (of you) made me laugh as my blog posts are filled with my new chickens and I'm knackered (do you use that word for exhausted!?)

    I'd lend a hand with the garden but I don't know which bus would get me there on time!


  19. OMG have changed since I saw you a few weeks ago. I almost stopped over for a surprise visit today after my mammogram, but figured you might be too busy and didn't want to be a bother. Call me if you need any last minute help! I'm know it's bee-autiful.

  20. I don't know anything about goats-
    but I can't wait to hear about your new thang!
    Describing what makes your friend a great gardener and organizer sounds like a great post.
    Congratulations on all of your hard work.


  21. Aw, and what cute chickens they are!! It's lovely having someone who adores them as much as I do :)

    Hope you had fun at the library..its one of my favorite places to go :)

  22. I always love your posts, they're so full of live, love and giggles! Oh and chickens, gotta have the chickens! Yey garden walk going on now, I can feel your smiiiile!

  23. Hi Jayme,

    I was part of the bus group that toured your home and gardens yesterday. Just wanted to tell you that it was the highlight of our trip. We enjoyed it so much and really enjoyed meeting you. You have a wonderful home. Thanks so much for sharing with us.


  24. Sooooo? How'd it go? Obviously an entire bus load of tourists LOVED your gardens and home, but we need to hear it from YOUR perspective. What did you wear? How was the luncheon? Details, we need DETAILS!


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