Monday, July 12, 2010

Stop the Presses

I know ya'll are so waiting for my big Garden Walk post, which will seriously take like three posts to tell it all - from Fake Accent Lady to Fighting Neighbors to Smoking Lady to The Bus - etc etc.....

Today I have spent the day cleaning because she is coming over tomorrow. I was nice enough to put a very flattering photo of her on my blog, and she's chosen an unflattering one of me for her blog. The lighting wasn't right, and the angle was bad. My lack of sunscreen is quite evident.

Didn't find out til just a day or two ago (I've lost track of time) She's one of my very favorite bloggers, and well, here's our banter via email from the last day or so.....

drivel alert - drivel alert - drivel alert - drivel alert - drivel alert - drivel alert - drivel alert

July 10, 20106:18 PMFrom: FPFG (Flower Patch Farmgirl)To: The Coop Keeper (TCK)
Subject: Don't have a heart attack

Are you scared yet?

This is very last minute, but what does your Tuesday look like?

Would you be at all interested in company for part of the afternoon? Or does that thought make you hivey? You have to be honest, Smarty Marty.

If this doesn't work, we'll figure something else out. Just thought I'd run it past you!

-Shanny Bo

July 10, 20106:23 PMFrom: TCKTo: FPFG
Re: Don't have a heart attack

Shanny Bo

(do you like your new nickname?)
I'm sitting here now, catching up on facebook - the garden walk ended an hour and half ago - for today anyhow - oh my gosh I had a ball - met a few people that read the blog - SO freaking fun! One gal actually brought me bacon! How fun is that!?

Tuesday sounds fine and perfect! I'm taking Aaron out for breakfast that day, but we'll be home - who all shall be with you? I want to make sure I prepare - will you have lunch with me?

The garden will still be weedfree - so it's a good time to come! LOL NOW, I might not let you upstairs in the house - oh dear, ok, I'm getting nervous, but in a very good I can't wait to meet you way - so - come on over!

The weird thing - right now - I don't know what to do with myself. I need to water a little, and push the mower in the back yard a little - collect eggs - make sure the girls have water - stuff like that - but I feel like the pressure is off - and it's a good feeling - but a weird feeling -

: < >

July 10, 20107:14 PMFrom: FPFGTo: TCK
Re: Don't have a heart attack

Oooh...Hoorah! I'm so glad you're not hive-riddled.

And I'm SO happy to hear that today went so well! To know you is to love you. That's what they all say. (You didn't know???!)

I'm trying to twist my mom's arm into coming up from Ohio on Monday, so she will likely be with me. And maybe Calvin and Ruby, but definitely NOT Silas.

Oh Lord have mercy, he is a handful. A really cute handful, but still. So I will happily take advantage of Cory's "relaxed" schedule and leave Silo with his daddy.

Two questions:

1. What would be a good arrival time?
2. What is your exact address?
3. What can I bring?
4. Promise me you won't stress and over-vacuum.
5. I am totally fine with not seeing the upstairs. I sort of dread when people ask for "the tour", because our upstairs is mostly disastrous.
6. What can I bring?
7. Promise me you won't stress.
8. My floor is covered in sticky rice right now, if that helps take the pressure off.
9. I just remembered how much you value a really clean home and now I'm nervous about the day that you come to my house.
10. I don't know how to count.
11. I don't know the difference between a question and a statement.

Gossip Girl

ps- Did you see that new Big Brother-ish show with all of the old bachelors/bachelorettes that's coming on in August?? I'm so all over it.

July 10, 20109:05 PMFrom: TCKTo: FPFG
Re: Don't have a heart attack

Oh Shannahan - I might get all 'Misery' up on you and break your legs and just keep you here forever - cause:

1. You are adorable.
2. You make me laugh out loud - and not too many people can do that ...
3. I really need some help around here.
4. I love you heaps.
5. I'm scary in real life.

Of course I'll be over vacuuming and stressing and freaking, and cleaning the hot upstairs - it's ok, cause that is just WHO I am. You'll be disappointed in the 'real' house - the blog makes it look all wonderful and nice, and it's just a small house that smells of musty basement.

By the time you get here, I'll be an old woman (think of the photo) standing in the driveway with one flower. LOL - that's not really funny, but I'm just tired enough to think it is....


Arrival time - it don't make me no never mind. Anytime. You know I'm up early - I'll just be so happy to see you. I so hope your mom will come - please tell her I said so. I have baby animals that need her love.

Bring you (and no beets) I really can't think of anything you need to bring hon - what will the kids eat? I can plan on lunch, or just snacks - I suppose it will depend on what time you get here....

I can't promise I won't stress - in fact, this will be so perfect, cause I was just thinking today, what shall I stress about this week? : < >

Your rice dilemma does take the pressure off - but I trump you with smelly guineas on the enclosed front porch, and a yard sale chair sitting in an awkward place, and spider webs everywhere and windows that haven't been washed in a coons age - and a newly found wasp nest in a rotted bedroom window.

I'm not nearly as hard on anyone as I am on myself. Please don't stress WHEN I come to see you, which will be soon.

I have no answer for 10 and 11 - those are your issues.

Oh Shanny BO - I'm super excited to meet you and hope we will have engaging banter in real life. I met some people from the blog today, and it was INCREDIBLY fun - such fun peeps - so I'm thinking we'll be good, plus, I just talk alot, and even talk more when I'm nervous, and I know I"m going to be super nervous to meet you, cause I really like the online you. Plus, I may scare your children since I think they are adorable. I once told my girlfriend's four year old that I wanted to cut her up and eat her with a fork. It frightened her - I didn't mean it literally, but ....well........

You are still coming over right?

: < >

Are you talking about the Bachelor Pad? OMG - I'm so all over it. I've given up being embarrassed by watching such drivel - I can't look away.

July 12, 20107:53 AMFrom: FPFGTo: TCKRe: Don't have a heart attack

Well, I'm all abuzz over here. My mom is due to arrive here later today, so ready or not, here we cooooo-ooooome!

I imagine we'll leave here sometime around 9:00 ...which would put us to your place around 11.

I do not want you to be feeling like you have to feed us lunch! I could always pick subs or something up on the way over?? Let me know what you are thinking but I forbid you from thinking you have to do anything involved. We are EASY to please.

We'll probably plan to head back out around 3.

Or is that too long???

Ugh. I'm getting hivey!

Just kidding.

And woman, I had BETTER see vacuum lines in your carpets... that's all I'm saying. I'd better see 'em.

Bo Bo

July 12, 20109:40 AMFrom: TCKTo: FPFG
Re: Don't have a heart attack

Oh Ma Goodness - I'm so excited. So.

So glad your momma is coming!!!!

Guess what? I just woke up. Heavens, it felt so indulgent. The chickens aren't too happy about it, but they'll get over it. I hope I have enough eggs to give you and mom some, I've been giving alot away lately, and I'm not sure what's in the fridge.....

Speaking of eggs - do you like cucumber sandwiches? I love them and thought they'd be good since I have cucumbers ready in the garden, but the kiddos probably wouldn't like them much - are they coming with?

Do you like coffee? I thought I could roast you some beans today. Oh and make sure there is room in your car for the junk I have for you!

Let's see. OK - well this is my plan - I'm going to clean today - which seriously, I would be doing with or without you. I like cleaning. And it realllly needs it since I've been outside all the time lately - I am nervous about you seeing the house, cause that is how I am.

Depending on how tired I am, or how in or uninspired I am - I will plan a nice little lunch here for us - or I will treat you guys to the Tastee Top down the road - they have good bacon cheeseburgers!

Oh Bo Bo - I think we will be fine and talk non-stop - or we will be awkward and you will leave at 11:30. Time will tell!

Looking SO forward to your visit!!!!!!!! You do know that I'm taking pictures to blog about it right!?

I have to go vacuum now, the driveway looks dirty.


July 12, 20109:07 AMFrom: FPFGTo: TCK
Re: Don't have a heart attack

I am SO pumped to see you!!! I already know I love you.

And I like the Tastee Top idea. (I also like cuke sandwiches...) But I mostly like the idea of you crossing that one thing off your list and who doesn't like a bacon cheeseburger?? But no way in Hidey Ho am I letting you treat! I just won't do it.

So here's the deal - We're coming. With 2 biggish kids. And a mama. And we will dine out. And I'll leave room for the junk. And we'll have a BALL! And of course, I'm taking pics, too. Duh.

Also - JJ's coming here on Wed. Holy Schmoly! I'm a lucky girl with a lucky week. And I'm so excited for mom to meet the both of you!

ps - My mom and I are both not coffee drinkers. The only coffee nut around here is Corco...but he doesn't count.

pss- He does count, I guess, but I'm mad at him right now... ;)

July 12, 201010:18 AMFrom: TCKTo: FPFG
Re: Don't have a heart attack

Oh my oh my!~ I'm excited.

OK - no coffee beans for the bodofyous - but I'll send some for The Corkinator - and hopefully you won't still be mad at him (don't you hate that? I was mad at Glenco on Sat night). Do you have a grinder?

OK the Tastee Top it is! It's a cute place and they have pickanic benches out there, but it's also close enough to where we could come back here and still eat warm food. We could have a pickanic out in the outpost, or in the Squirrel - I'll have plenty sweet mint infused tea to drink and some sort of sweetness - a pie perhaps? A grunt? A betty? Or Shanny's favorite - a cobbler? Now if one was to make a cobbler for you - would one put sour cherries, raspberries, rhubarb or blueberries in it?

I will have to deal with guilt over not making you lunch. But given the fact that I'm crippled from yard work at the moment, and that my hands will work to the bone vacuuming today - I suppose it's only right that we eat out - and the kids will probably like it better. And I'm so treating. Just get that thought RIGHT out of your head.

I'm frightened for Calvini. I might frighten him. I have a cat named Calvin. I can't wait until they meet. I can't assure you that Rubilicious will not be traumatized.

Lucky you getting to see Jen tomorrow too!!!

I can't wait for the day that all the farmgirls are united. What a day that will be.

I'm going to go clean the toilet now. Please notice how clean it is when you visit.

Thank you.

July 12, 2010
10:22 AM
From: TCK
Re: Don't have a heart attack

almost forgot! The kids can play in the Blue Lagoonif you want them to! Just pack their suits - it's about 3ish -4ish feet deep. I have floaty rafts.


July 12, 20103:38 PMFrom: FPFGTo: TCKRe: Don't have a heart attack

I'll have them bring their suits! And as for the other question? Raspberries or sour cherries, but really, any fruit'll do.

Woot woot! We're coming, alright.

July 12, 20105:15 PMFrom: TCKTo: FPFG
Re: Don't have a heart attack

Just back in from hitching up the wagon and going to town. I got some popsicles for the chitlins and ice cream for our cobbler. I'll surprise you with a flayva.

I'm so totally not stressed, it's crazy. Having such a fabulous day. Looking so forward to your visit! The garden already has weeds in it and I don't give a hoot! I actually just stopped at the garden center, believeitornot, as I'm already planning a new bed. I just needs me some money, and lots of it. I want to plant more trees.

Well - there ya go - you'll be here and gone before you know it - and what a tale we'll both have to tell.

Be careful driving.

Do you need detailed directions? Are you really going to ask ME for them?

Wear your seatbelt.

Tell your mother I might freak her out with how excited I'll be.

Two baby chickens hatched today under the brood machine AKA Phyllis. I'm so excited for Calvy and Rubles. They will have baby chickens. A good photo op, no?

OK - I have to go wipe things. Exactly how tall are you? Do I need to wipe the top of my fridge?

hugs a plenty



  1. Women! Can you say we are "RELATIONAL" creatures???
    LOL!!! We talk, we gab, we share, we unload, we share our best side, we blog, we comment, we laugh, we chatter, we get honest with each other, we share our quirks and worse side, we facebook, we twitter, we text, we set up a time to meet each other, squeals of DELIGHT, we get scared, we get nervous, we start having doubts about ourselves, we fret that what we sound like may be what we come across as in person, we worry, we drivel, we meet,.....BEST FRIENDS FOREVER!!!!!!
    yeah, we are mysterious creatures. It's no wonder our other halves just shake their heads, let out a long sigh, and go back out to the workshop....LOL.
    Girls have fun. :-)
    Love your drivel, your YOU, and all that you share that just tells the saga of what women think like and go through to become a friend...
    Hivey moments evolve into delightful memories! Have a heap of fun up there... :-) Hugs, girlfriend...

  2. As I said on Shannan's comment section ~
    Blogs Collide!
    Two of my favorite morning reads hook up!
    The posts for the next few days will be very fun :)
    Thanks for keeping me entertained with my morning hot cup of tea :)
    (You do it all for me, right? ;)
    ~Andrea in NH

  3. Hmmmm...... this might get interesting!

    Now hurry... mess something up so she won't think you stressed too much and cleaned everything! *lol*

  4. I love your line: "it's just a small house that smells of musty basement."
    We live in an old farmhouse and gosh darn it, we have the same problem. I found it comforting to read that I'm not alone. Have a great time with your friend.

  5. Well, it looks like I yanked that photo of me in the glasses just in the nick of time...

    But seriously - why'd you have to go all "high road" on me and post a fo rills picture of me?

    I'm a terrible person....

    And now that I'm on the other side of night, I'm feeling like I should have taken the time to hack together some form of an intro...

    I was just so blasted frustrated with this fool machine last night!

    See ya on the flip-side, lady.

  6. I think I'm a wee bit jealous! :)

  7. Well, I've already cried a river over on Farmgirl's blog, so I thought I'd best hop over here and do the same. Actually, I can't wait to see the pictures (take lots) and hear about all the fun!

  8. You two are just hysterical.
    I think this exchange of emails pretty much sums up everything that goes through most women's minds before meeting new company...the stuff they don't usually speak of. I loved it! I can't wait to see (read) how your visit went. Have a great time.

  9. Lucky, lucky girls! Wish I was meeting you today Jayme! Can't wait for my turn.

  10. Jayme, I am soooo excited for you and so jealous! I know you two will have a ball.

  11. Oh my gosh, the emails between the two of you are hilarious! I would love to be a fly on the wall when y'all meet in person. Have a wonderful visit!

  12. Have a Great Stress-Free Visit!
    I haven't been to Tastee Top yet since it has opened. I do want to try their frozen yogurt.
    You 2 sound like you will have a blast!

  13. This may give you something to chuckle about....I am a lurker on Shannan's blog and today came to your blog because I wanted to meet the older lady with chickens!!!! She seemed like someone that I wanted to know -- elderly, rural and yet blogging... what a combination. ;-)

    I've spent the past bit of my time strolling through your website and must say that I love it, too. You'll find me lurking about here now, as well.

    Have a WONDERFUL time together.


  14. hahahahahahahaha what a hoot!!!
    what i'd give to be a fly on the wall of this meetin'.
    sounds fun. enjoy!

  15. This may give you something to chuckle about....I am a lurker on Shannan's blog and today came to your blog because I wanted to meet the older lady with chickens!!!! She seemed like someone that I wanted to know -- elderly, rural and yet blogging... what a combination. ;-)

    I've spent the past bit of my time strolling through your website and must say that I love it, too. You'll find me lurking about here now, as well.

    Have a WONDERFUL time together.


  16. awww that is fabulous and hilarious! i just know you'll have a marvelous time!

  17. I will not be jealous. I will not be jealous. I will not be jealous.
    Oh fahgitaboutit. I'm jealous.

    Have fun girls!

  18. I wished I could come visit too but Canada is a long ways away. I can't wait to hear about your visit. Why is it that us women stress about such things as you wrote in your emails. If we are having dinner guests I prepare almost everything in the morning so it will turn out perfect. I run around like a mad woman making sure my house is clean etc. etc. Men just don't go there!!

  19. I love it! I love both of you and can't wait for a minute by minute account of today! And to think, I'm so close to you all today and that makes me giddy! lol

  20. You are both too cute for words. It seems like you are just long lost best buds reuniting! Can't wait to hear all about your lovely visit.

  21. Oh my goodness!!!!
    So... I'm reading Flower Patch Farmgirl thinking, Cool! How much fun for bloggers to meet... Laughing out loud as I read all your emails to eachother, I decided to click over and see who the coop keeper is. And low and behold~~You live in Crown Point, IN!!! WHAT!?!?!?!
    I live in Crown Point, IN!!! Now don't worry, I'm not going to start stalking or anything, I just thought it was neat!!! Can't wait to see pictures of your day together!
    Love your blog!

  22. OMG you two are hilarious. I couldn't stop laughing, which was at inappropriate times for the movie my daughter was watching so she kept calling me a creeper. Sheesh. I had her read it after her movie was over and she couldn't stop laughing either.


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