Friday, March 1, 2013

Let's Get This Party Started

Ok, talk about getting real - it's March 1st.  It's time.
Time to plan the garden, time to pick chicken breeds, time to make some decisions, dreams and plans.
I can literally smell the soil in my nostrils.

Thanks for being so kind to me the other day, I really appreciate it.
I can't be a fake blogger - I don't have enough talent for that.
My life is my life, and I blog my life, so there ya go.
If I'm feeling blue, y'all are gonna know about it.
: -)

The fluttery feeling that was in my esophagus has moved down into my stomach - but 
it's the good kind of butterflies.

Jensamom said that she thought the robin I saw was a sign, and I'm agreeing.
I need to hold on a little bit longer.
I need to dig deeper.
Embrace the homesteading more.

You know - it's funny when you 'say' one thing - like you want to live a super simple, frugal, close to nature type of lifestyle - and yet it's quite different when that is no longer a choice, but a necessity.
It doesn't quite seem as romantic then.

Now - there is nothing left that can be cut from the budget.

We don't drink, smoke, gamble, eat out, have paid for tv, trash service, the furnace as set as low as humanly comfortable, and I'm not about to eat hot dogs and macaroni and cheese in order to save money on the food budget - because that kind of nutrition, or I should say the lack of it - will cost more money in the long run.  You really do have to put your money where your mouth is.  
I don't get manicures, pedicures, or go to the hair salon anymore.
I can't remember the last time I didn't buy clothing that wasn't used.  Two years?  It's been a year since I bought a new pair of shoes, and those were shoes for running.

I've even given up - are you ready - Starbucks.
Although, I did apply for a job there yesterday.

Again, I feel incredibly thankful for your support and kindness.

Just a quick post today.
I wanted to  let you know how I calmed myself yesterday and that I am feeling a bit better.

I faced my fears and realized that 'worst case scenario' wasn't that bad, and that I still had an incredibly beautiful life.
So I work - so what?
I have to believe that everything happens perfectly - and if I end up out working among the English, I'm going to believe it's for a reason - that I will meet someone I need to meet - or that someone that needs me will meet me.
If I work outside the home, I will realize that it's because it's something my soul needs and the Good Lord has orchestrated the whole thing.

My cleaning job for yesterday was cancelled, due to me being exposed to the flu, and her having very young children - so what's a girl to do?

Go to JoAnn fabrics - that's what a girl does.
I bought a few items I needed in order to finish some things up for the Spring Open House.

How do I get anything done?

I made these ridiculous things to sell at the Open House, and ultimately on Etsy.
Now - if I can get $1000 a piece for them, I'm good to go.

Then, I got these texts.
They broke my heart, and then put it together even stronger that it was before.

Life IS good you guys - no matter what it is you are going through - we have to believe it's all for a reason, all for a purpose, and we have to strive to find the meaning, the lesson and the joy in it.


  1. I love your posts Jayme and am glad you have decided to continue this blogging adventure. I think you are very brave putting your thoughts out there . On the other hand it must be very cathartic.
    I wanted to thank you for opening my eyes to being gluten free. I have been doing it for just over a month and didn't think there was a difference. Well I had some wheat stuff over the wkend and KABOOM bloat city. So thank you thank you thank you!
    Have a great weekend!

  2. You have a lot of talents, Miss Jayme. Life doesn't have to be this, that or the other. It's just life. And we spend each moment, each day in a way that hopefully gives us moments of joy. I took new portrait shots of my rooster and one of my hens yesterday. It may sound silly to some who don't "get" the whole chicken thing, but I completely enjoyed it. Just take those moments as little pieces of life. And then smile.

    Your little chicken creations are adorable.

  3. Yup, Jayme.

    It's like they say: the old world just keeps turning. New doors open, new opportunities present themself. And you just gotta keep getting up each day so you will be ready when they appear. Open and flexible, is what I strive for. *** Isn't it wonderful when the one you need suddenly and unsolicited lets you know they need you too? I love messages like that from my kids. *** Take good care of yourself. Wish I could be there for your open house. I'm sending you positive and warm thoughts. Hugs from Colorado. Pam

  4. He needs you. Most young men wouldn't have sent a text like that if their life depended on it. And you need him. You are blessed girl!

  5. I just discovered your blog recently and so enjoy your posts. And your little chick creations are so dang cute!
    Farmhouse hugs,

  6. You know how you don't want to exercise but you know it's good for you so you choose to do it until one day you realize your doing it because you want to? Maybe that's how happiness is. If we choose it enough times before we know it we really are happy. Does this run on rambling nonsensical sentence make you happy? I hope so...:)

  7. Your go girl . . . filled out the app!

    I am amazed at all you do plus you find time to create a post that inspires me and makes me smile too! Love the "chicks!".

    There is no doubt about . . . you are one classy frugal lass!

  8. Hens and chicks just too darn cute! I give everything away i make and never get a chance to make a dime on anything. Even my eggs. My friends and family love to get eggs.

  9. Yup, making up your mind to be happy is the best choice you can make.

  10. i love the chicken you made - so cute!! love the text messages from you & aaron - awww!! so sweet. ( :

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  12. "... you want to live a super simple, frugal, close to nature type of lifestyle - and yet it's quite different when that is no longer a choice, but a necessity. It doesn't quite seem as romantic then." Always love your honesty Jayme! I just shooed chickens away from catfood on the porch and thought the reality of chicken leavings is much different from the cute image folks imagine. ;-P I'm in LOVE with your creative, cuddly, charming chickens!!!!!!! Must buy one ?on Etsy? I'm very confident that this spring will be another blooming season of your life!

  13. I have $2000.00 in Monopoly money in my pocket. I'll meet ya halfway and pick up those 2 ugly in a good way chicks.
    P.S. Meeting you at Aatrbucks. My treat.

  14. It really does always happen for a reason. What's the saying "I may not have ended up where I thought I would be. But I did end up where I needed to be." You need to be where you are now.

  15. Loved your share. I feel what you are going through is no more than what alot of us out here have experienced as well. Your not alone. Hope Starbucks gives you the call. Who knows, you might really like it. Good luck. I love your little fabric chicks. You have so much energy and are such a talent. You'll do fine.

  16. Hi Jayme,

    I read your last couple of posts, as I've been a bit behind and I gotta story...of course you already said it. But this here is a real life story. I was waiting on someone a few weeks ago at our local yarn store. She needed help picking out yarn. She was making doll clothes for her grandchildren's American Girl Dolls. As we talked some more, she confided in me that she has terminal breast cancer. She was supposed to be gone a year ago so she has been given a gift, she said. `When I get caught up in the stuff, I think about her. I don't know if she is still around or not, but she spoke volumes to me. Also, this time of year flat out sucks. I'm tired of the winter weather and we are supposed to get another storm tomorrow. Here is a way you can make money. Start selling your pink chicken (or yellow) pictures on etsy. Make more of the stuffed chicks above. Make chicken anything.... People will buy stuff from you. They like you! They will. If I had an extra thousand I'd buy those chickens....maybe after this weekend. I'm having a moving sale. I have too much stuff. It's going.

    Cindy Bee

  17. As always, I appreciate your honesty. I can totally relate to your last two posts due to my husband's job going bust a couple of years ago. He has another good job now but I have never worked so even if I wanted to gt a job it scares me to death and what would I do? I am pretty frugal too...not spending money like you listed. I would say our biggest splurge is Directv with the sports package and the mlb package. What can I say...we are huge sports fans and I can't live without my Reds!! ;) We are even down to one vehicle right now. I just keep being faithful with everything God has blessed us with and praying for guidance. I know God will take care of us, but the adjustment is still hard sometimes. :)

  18. Worked our butts off to pay the house off, no credit card bills, no fancy vacations, on a count down to May, ( it will be the first time in the last 15 years no one will be in college ), and what smacks us in the face: Cancer. We did all the yearly medical can this be. Well it is..
    So as we face the reality of it, money wise, health wise, mentally. Life just plain sucks right now. I would like to go crawl in a hole. Can't face people even life on some days.
    BUT we will go through it and some how do what we have to do. As the pepper and tomato seeds are sprouting under the grow light on the kitchen table, as the kid heads off to parts of the world to start a life on his own, as I learn to pray real hard that someone is watching over my husband, we go on. Money does not matter (other than that damn deductible) what matter is time spent with each other, laying in bed and feeling his breathing and warm body next to mine, sitting outside deciding what flowers to plant. Life goes on, so I have learned. Hang in there darling. We will all make it work out one way or another. It just may not be how we had it planned.

  19. P.S. Those chickens you whipped up are just too darn cute!!

  20. I feel like when I look at your posts I am looking in the mirror; my two kids have been living their own lives for the last several years and I still miss them and my old life. But each day I am discovering parts of myself and hubs that I had forgotten is beautiful and it is a joy to find what each day holds. Love your creations because they come from within you and your heart...thanks for being real!

  21. Gosh I love being on the 'other end' of your writings Jayme ..... "real" is here and "honest" is here.

    You encourage - that's a pearl of a gift Jayme.
    God Bless,


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