Sunday, January 9, 2011

Spring Fever?

In lieu of the temps dipping into the single digits this week, and the impending snow...
I thought I'd share a few photos to remind us that it's a temporary situation.

But everything is temporary, isn't it?

Your beloved children - grow up to be men and women.

In a world of perpetual summer - would the first season's strawberry be as sweet?

In a world of perpetual summer, would there be 'spring chickens'?

So I say - let the January winds blow-let the snow fly and drift -
let my bones rest, and my mind scheme -

Have another cup of coffee, bake another loaf of bread -

Do I have Spring Fever?
Not a smidge of temperature here my friends.
I'm bundled and hunkered.
Haven't even looked at a seed catalog yet.

I'm going to drink up winter, and try to enjoy each day of the bone cold weather, warming myself with the company of friends, the accomplishment of indoor projects completed, and the entertainment of BBC miniseries and new books.

Cause it's temporary.
And if I rush this winter away, I'm in fact rushing my very life away.

I think not.
Hey winter - bring it.


  1. Fellow winter lover here, ahhh...I feel better! As much as I love summer and all that goes with it, I love winter...snuggly, tingly, home is good winter!

  2. I'm sorry..I would like to see Mr. Winter gone and Mrs. Spring Chicken arrive promptly! I do have to get at least one trip of cross-country skiing in this year.
    Enjoy your Winter Sweetie,

  3. Ah..yes...I can remember when I was young saying to my father..Oh I wish it was Spring...or I wish it was Fall...and his statment was always the same...You are wishing your life away...I never got it until I was much older. It think it was his intent for me to "enjoy the moment"...and that is what I try to do.

    Whenever I see the outside of your house I always picture the Crazy Hat Lady...standing in front of and saying... Theres Just Something About.... lol Hugs, dear Jayme- Diana

  4. Jayme,

    I could not agree more! Considering the official start of winter was only 19 days ago (the Winter Solstice) and the Spring Equinox will not be here until March 20, I'd say anyone wishing for spring right now is in for a long winter. Enjoy each day, each season. Never wish days away. Remember it was not long ago we were tending to a garden complaining of the heat!

    Your Friend,

  5. I am so missing all that gorgeous snow. Can't believe it! I am really looking forward to slowing down and "drinking" in winters now too. Everything is always a constant rush here in FL, no resting times.
    Man, that coffee/cappuccino maker looks awesome! Drink one for me.


  6. I secretly love Winter too....
    The coziness, my blankies, slippers, coffee, gloves, and wool coats, soup, hot rolls, snowy windy nights, and the darkness..............
    Spring means way more too us when it comes...Don't ya think?

  7. I so hear ya....especially this year, I don't want to rush anything! Trying to make the best of everyday, even when it's sittin' on my hiney watching netflix reruns :)

  8. Beautiful photos ... beautiful thoughts that warm the soul on a frigid day. You're amazing ... your words make me cozy. And I'm smiling. Thank you.

  9. I secretly don't mind winter either. I love being able to bake and cook and have it make my house warm and cozy. I love wearing sweaters and slippers and being wrapped up in a cozy quilt. I love being able to knit and have the wool feel warm and soft in my hands. I love that I don't feel guilty for being indoors!

  10. Love your post. I try to savor each season too! Here in South Texas, winter comes and goes! We are currently in a cold and wet snap. It will warm again in a few days though. The short days keep me indoors more than anything! Oh, well, more time for paper crafting, sewing, crocheting, cooking, baking and of course, blog browsing!

  11. VERY well said! I LOVE your attitude.

    Even when I'm hauling 5 gallon buckets of water out to the sheep and chickens twice a day because their buckets have frozen, I always think:

    "I'd much rather be doing this now (all bundled up and cozy) than when it's 90+ degrees with high humidity!"

    Of course, in the summer, there's flowers and the smell of freshly mowed graas. And LAMBS!

    I agree with the others who say: enjoy each season for what it has to offer. And keep looking forward to that first, fresh strawberry!


  12. I have to admit I have going through the seed catalogs. I am fine with the winter, as you I am finishing some much projects but I always love to dream about where I am going to put something new in my flower beds. And what new vege I am going to force my hubs to try. He likes to grow the same ole thing every year. If you still have internet I need a question answered. Some of my chickens look so bad from loss of feathers. I expect it is molting, there is no open wounds. But my big black lady has had next to no feathers on her neck for weeks. How long does this last? Have a great week!

  13. Well said! How are your lovely chickens doing in the cold? In seattle mine are still laying, not every day but having christmas lights on the coop may help.
    Can't wait for the first summer strawberry and fresh peas. Heaven.
    Love your blog and your outlook....


  14. Love those sprink chickens - and the ivy growing on your house!- always wanted some of that going on - husband won't let it happen.

    I'm hunkered too... and browsing seed catalogs, could wait no longer.

  15. Um, that would be SPRING. chickens. *sigh*

  16. I am a winter lover too. Stu manchu is home so much more. In the summer he is farming, mowing, baling etc.
    On another note... what is this fancy schmancy coffee pot. I have a $6 one from Walmart. Can we still be friends? I don't think I would be able to run yours. Well, let's face it I am a slazer( your word, right?) I would never take it outta the box:)
    I am on internet cut-off countdown and am starting to get depressed! Don't leave us hanging, you will have to be like the mailman... neither snow, nor rain, nor heat, nor gloom of night stays this blogger from more!! xoxo

  17. You got that right! There's so much 'winter stuff' to do, please don't rush spring 'cause what ain't done when the crocuses push up will still be waiting come this time next year.

  18. Now you do have ah special point of view. I am hunkered and it jist started snow'in. Enjoyed your photos. Keep on the sunny side!

  19. Winter was made for Hibernation for a reason! Why do we complain of the season that gives us rest...? why do most refuse to stockpile foods ( like the squirrels, per say ) slow down and
    plan for the more active of seasons..

  20. we are all hunkered in our family too. i love love that beautiful black chicken! never have seen a black one like that but then again the bad husband has said no to fowl...sigh! have a great week! jill

  21. i am so with you on this one! i love winter to get a rest from my gardening and work on inside projects ( and CLEAN:)

  22. Goodness, You just keep pullin out more tricks. Gardener. Baker. Chicken Wrangler. Barista. Writer. Illustrator. *Philosopher*!!!
    I can see why you don't want to get another job. Too many choices!
    I'm with you on don't wish it away... And I'm enjoying this winter way more than last. But I did get all riled up looking at new seeds at Southern States! And don't get me started on how long 'til I can get new chicks. Now I'm off to put on my fleece socks and oversize boots n go play w/our new pony in the 20 somethin degree barn. Maybe I do wish for spring. A.Bit.
    Stay snug!

  23. I see that handy little espresso machine there....I have the same exact one and am here right now drinking my very own Pumpkin Spice Latte. Even better than Starbucks!

    Love the pictures of snow - reminds me of the 2 years I lived in Maine.

    Love your view of life!

  24. I'm enjoying this time of year and everything that come with it. We don't get that much snow here in AL, but we are expecting 5 - 7 inches tonight. School for tomorrow has already been canceled. Not a problem though, there are lots of things to do inside. Bake something, read a good book, work on the spinning wheel... Lots to do and no rush at all..
    Stay warm and cozy. :-)

  25. You know I have to do whatever you say and now I have to enjoy winter. law.

  26. You are a font of wisdom, Jayme! We will have fresh strawberries for our cereal again. We will have spring blooms, when the time is right. It's all in the timing. And enjoying the ride!

  27. I'm in complete agreement. Is this a sign of getting older? I'm enjoying the winter. Every cozy bit of it. I love me some Spring but I know it will land on my doorstep before I know it. This will be a year of transition for our family in so many ways and for now I just want to be in the moment.

  28. Snow makes everything beautiful.....the ramshackle house down the road looks pretty much like the manicured home when both are covered in a blanket of white.

  29. I guess it's a necessity to appreciating Spring. And it's a good time to take stock of things (like the whole debt free plan.) But, it would help if our winters looked as beautiful as yours :)

  30. Hi Jayme, make the most of it, we had a 40 degrees celsius day last week yuk you can't get anything done and the fur and feather babes don't cope well either. Stay warm

  31. As fast as time seems to fly... these days, I'm diggin my heels in honey.

    I love, the crispness of the winter snows.

    I love, the sights of snow covered branches.

    I love, the tracks left behind from natures critters.

    I do not love the winter winds, but will make the best of every day.

    Wonderful post, thanks for brightening my day,

  32. You're right, winter is a time to rest, but dang...I'm having a hard time resting when trying to build a house in this cold weather.

    Hunkering down sounds like a good plan.

    Cindy Bee

  33. I don't think I've got the fever either, which is a miracle in itself. Haven't looked at a seed catalog (need to soon, as my favorite zinnia seeds were all sold out by the time I got to it last year), and your winter pictures are every bit as pretty to me as your summer ones, so that's a sure sign that I'm fever free.
    Bye-bye, Jaymes! I know you're entering the no wi-fi zone tomorrow. Enjoy your peace!

  34. Hey Chicken lady, I love your new profile picture. You look very pretty. Thanks, I was about to waste a winters worth of my life, then I read you!

  35. The strawberries look delicious! Is there a certain tgype of straberry plant that you think produces the best or the most strawberries? I think I would like to try growing some. I've tried in the past, but it seems the birds got to the berries before they ripened, so we didn't get many. But, I am thinking of doing some landscaping after we put the pool in this summer, so I may try again.

  36. You must have a load of discipline, not to look at the seed catalogs. I'm with you about not wishing my life away, but I love spring so much. I'll just say I'm looking forward to it and still enjoy my winter pursuits.

  37. You always have a way of making one see things in a more positive way. Thanks. Love this post.

  38. God bless you Jayme. Just looking at those pictures warms the cockles of my heart. Temps here in Minneapolis are frigid too so I know what cha talkin bout. I too am bundled up to my ears keepin warm. But day light is getting longer and winters not forever. Love the sepia photos of the house.
    Stay warm.

  39. Oh Jayme, you are so right. Nothing would be as sweet if it were ongoing. That’s what make vacations so fun, movies so wonderful you don’t want them to end and first love’s so sweet. I will quit my complaining and soak it in with you. Lord girl, you are getting some clarity for sure! :)

  40. I'm your new follower because I love farm life even though I don't live it and I want to have some chickens some day (I think) if and when I do build in the country. I'm no spring chicken so I should get on that. Love your blog, Jayme and your message in this post is well taken. Hugs, Deb=^..^=x5

  41. I have to confess love winter too! But when each season starts I always find myself saying oh this is my favorite season, guess I have the rest of my life to decide which one is really my fave. I loved all your pics, you must have a blessed touch, cause everything seemed to be growing in beauty. Thanks for sharing! Marla

  42. cold cold cold here! Not much snow but the cold wind is sure a blowin'. I am hunkered today too after going to the airport LATE last nite, or perhaps it was early this morning. Spring is just around the corner, or say they say.


  43. A very nice reminder to enjoy the slow down Mother Nature gives us. I am guilty of wanting to rush Spring here but having our new home & garden has me itching to get the picket fence finished, the old Garden roses planted and our chickens to follow me through the garden as I dhand feed them with little crickets from beneth the stepping stones. But you are right. Enjoying the slow down time makes the lush bounty much more pleasurable.

  44. For the first time in years I am actually enjoying winter. We moved to our (unfinished) dream house last April and now my winters are up high on a hill, surrounded by trees and s.i.l.e.n.c.e. I love it!! I feel like I live in a church. I love all that you said in your post and no the first strawberry would not be so sweet!!! I just love 'visiting' with you!!!

  45. Love reading your blog. And I love your thoughts on winter and not rushing it. Really really enjoy your snow pictures. Hope you have a warm snuggly winter indoors, and a brisk snowy wonderland outdoors.


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