Thursday, May 27, 2010

Facebook and Blogrolls

Just thought I'd invite you to friend me on Facebook.
Been having some interesting chicken conversations, and silliness. With my infrequent blogging, due to garden nonsense, it might be a good way to stay in touch!

I've created a group, so you can search


If I were savvy, I could create a cool button for Facebook. If you know how - can ya tell me?

Also, a note about my blogroll.

It's a hot mess.
I deleted it, trying to clean up the blog, it seemed so busy, and then I put it back on - thinking that you all would still be on there - um, no.

Please don't be offended if you aren't there.
I'm still working on adding people.

Just short on time for the moment.


  1. Yey! Facebook! Woo!

    I want that purse.


  2. You're cracking me up with your tech-saviness. I may have to change your name from Marty to something...nerdier.

    Also, mom and I just discussed the important fact of you carrying around a baby chicken (duck? guinea? I can't keep up...) in your bra.

  3. Oh, Jayme, I knew that purse would show up again! It's got so much personality and character it couldn't just quietly slip away to the sidelines!

    I made a button, but for the life of me, my brain can't remember how! Oh, yes. I remember... you need to upload a photo to photobucket or a similar place that hosts photos on-line and it should give you some options; one of which is a html code. Then place the photo on your side bar with blogger's photo gadget and under it add another html gadget where you will insert the code.

    Welcome home. We missed you.

  4. I left Facebook a few weeks ago. Just over-whelmed me and ate up far too much of my time. A true addiction, so I won't be seeing you there, but have fun!


  5. Jamie, I have the same chicken purse, so please, someone, take it before it goes in the trash.

  6. You could be President with ideas like this! Does that make me Goffipublican???

  7. I was all sad that I hadn't made your blogroll, and I was also going to stage an intervention because I thought you'd started more blogs....Beekeeping with the Coopkeeper, Decorating with the Coopkeeper. Then I realized I was looking at your Labels instead of your blogroll. In my defense, The Pioneer Woman is on there. I did think it was a bit strange that there was a blog called Ducks.
    What can I's early here in Montana.

  8. I don't do Face Book. I have enough trying to keep up with my blog! Why are you feeding your purse STAR CLUCKS coffee?!

    I've been busy putting a fence around my garden. Fun times in 91 degree weather. NOT!

    Miss you!

    Your Friend,

  9. I will join in on your chicken facebook. Sounds like fun.

    Have fun in the garden this weekend and hanging out with the girls and your hubby.


  10. I'm missing from your blogroll....

    FaceBook is crazy.

    When you coming to Vermont ?

  11. I quit facebook - it eats too much time that I don't have! I love reading blogs and catching up, but facebook - too many 'games' and invites to be friends of friends of people you will never know.....Nah - don't care for it.


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