Thursday, November 13, 2014

Just a Housewife

A friend of mine called me out yesterday on the fact that I haven't
 blogged since Oct. 4th.  
I had no idea that much time had gone by.
I don't understand how time is flying so!

I don't mean this sarcastically at all!  I say 'amen!'.

I've really had no energy flowing toward the blog at all - and I bet it's
 been over a year 
since I've even read another blog.

I don't find much use with the Interweb these days, other than finding a good 
recipe, or sending an email here and there.

I'm kind of over it.  
: -)

In the past five weeks, I've been pretty occupied.
I spent a week in Missouri, helping my cousin paint rooms, lay new floors, etc.
Got home and jumped right into a large cleaning project that required barrels of elbow grease.

My friend's father passed, and she's prepping the house for sale.
I'm deep cleaning every square inch.

I've ALWAYS felt that I could be a house flipper - but Lord have mercy, I'm aching all over!
Why is it more fun to clean someone else's house?

This very day is the first day off I've had in the last two weeks I do believe.
I've spent the better part of the day moving the heating pad about my body and catching 
up on phone calls and messages.

I just pulled a batch of these out the oven...

Cranberry Harvest Muffins

It was whilst I was mixing the ginger into the batter that I started realizing the worth of a 'housewife'.
I really do prefer the term 'homemaker'.

I feel incredibly grateful that I'm able to stay home, and just do a couple of cleaning jobs a week, and even more so that I'm the kind of gal willing to make the sacrifices I make in order to that.  
Many people aren't willing to make them.
I think long term - in twenty years I'll be thankful that I had more time with my friends and family -  I don't think I'll mourn the fact that I lived without cable TV and a cell phone.

In the last two-ish weeks that I've been gone all day working, we've suffered.
Our nutrition has been poor.  
Aaron needed me a couple of times, and I was unavailable.
There has been a severe lack of 'cozy' going on here.
Glen's been lonely.
I've been so, so, so tired.
The catboxes were shameful.
Need I go on?

I'm certain that if I worked full time, all of the time, I'd get a rhythm going and be fine.
I'm telling you what though - I like staying home.
I like being on top of things, and preparing good meals, and not being stressed over laundry.
I love being here with Glenco gets home, and offering a warm muffin.
I love being a homemaker.

I think this applies to working and stay at home moms and dads, for that matter

Please, don't ever underestimate the value of 'us' stay at home'rs.
Whether you are raising little ones, or big ones.
Whether your nest is empty, or overflowing.
It matters.

If you are home, be home.
Be present.
Love your family, love yourself.
Bake some muffins, fluff a pillow, hug a neck.

And, never, ever - forget this....

When the Queen is Happy...


  1. Oh- I have missed you so! You might not have missed the blog world but the blog world has missed you. Do you realize the way you touch people with your words? Do you realize that there is a little bit of you in most of us and most of us can't verbalize it? Oh- yes- you have been missed, my sweet chicken keeper! xo Diana

    1. Could not have said it better!

  2. I second the motion of NanaDiana. We have missed you. This write-up on the importance of homemaking is something that is uplifting, and you do it with passion, purpose and a warmth that is felt through the internet. You can almost smell the pumpkin candle burning.

  3. Wrong as usual, this was a great blog post, tired or not. lol I know you may have had more to say about staying home but this was very good. The older I get the more I love it here, at home, day in and day out. And now that the kids are grown, I realize how much the hubs and I are more than friends, but playmates. We have more time to have fun and be silly. Love you girl, see you soon hopefully. xoxo I want that list by Betty Crocker on my wall somewhere in my home. lol

  4. Hi Jayme! Well I haven't been around to everyone's blog yet but yours was at the top of my list so I popped in to say Hi. You are so right...home-making is important. And I don't know how some people do it. I am achy and tired a lot. I think since my bees are tucked in, and it's snowing right now, (augh!) that maybe I'll have more time for everything indoors, including blogging. I'm not ready to give it up yet!

  5. Okay, my dear. I understand every single word you wrote! By being present at home or with family and friends, doing what you want to do is so important. You are a special woman and I am certain Glenco kinda likes having you greet him as well. Hugs! AND...I think I may borrow the creed for my blog. :-)

  6. I've checked a few times, only to be disappointed to find no Jayme post. Well with this lovely weather we are having of late, you were so on my mind today. I was wondering.... What is she up to? .... Is she looking out at a carpet of white, while knitting or making pots of chili or soup for the boys? Well, it sounds like you have been very busy. Your post today again always has such timing, I swear. I have been feeling since retiring just over a year ago, that I still am feeling a bit guilty for not being "out" in the working force still. Now mind you, I have raised four children since 1981, while always working part time and overseeing yes the "household duties" too. We are not empty nesters yet and I still make breakfast and lunches to go. You never can stop mothering or stop being a "housewife". I have always said that the Wife/Mother is the "glue" to all households. Some of us might not bring home the major bacon, but play such an all too important role in the care and running of a household. Thanks for posting this Creed and for reminding me the value of "us".



    Wish I still had the opportunity to stay home- hoping it comes around again soon :) And I must agree with Nana Diana- you may not miss us, but we miss you :)!!

  8. I have missed your posts sooo much. You always have been a bright spot in the world of blog reading. I am happy to hear you are doing well and are happy. Sure wish I was your neighbor-I'd make a pest of myself.
    Please write to us occasionally-we need your humor and wisdom.

  9. Jayme, I've worked outside my home and have been a stay at homemaker and believe me, staying at home is so much more worthwhile. I know there are many women who have to work to put food on the table and I feel for them, but I have been very blest to be able to choose or not to choose to have an outside job. I feel very fulfilled. My cup runneth over and it's just my husband and me at home now. If you have to work to be fulfilled, so be it, but don't knock those of us who love what we are doing and the freedom we have to do as we please.

  10. Absolutely! When mama is happy, everyone is happy!

  11. Thanks Jayme for a bright spot in my long day! I have missed you and as you can see others have too, so don't quit blogging!! I loved the days I could stay home and now I work because I have too. Won't be long and I will retire, so I'm so glad you are blessed!!

  12. Amen, is all I can say! I stayed home (and homeschooled) our kids and now I work part time to make up for it:) I still prefer to be home and take care of things. It's important work! I've missed you posts too, but I understand needing a break. Take care, Cindy

  13. I was fortunate several years ago to walk away from a career and become (once again) a full time homemaker. I thought I might get bored.! The house was always clean and ready for a "stop in" visitor, I had time to go to the library, the landscaping which had been practically non existant was beautiful and I was happy. We started flipping houses which ate away at my house time and while I enjoyed flipping (I am the queen of kitchen redesign, vinyl floor installation and drywall finishing!), I missed time in the house and then I always felt like I wasn't getting enough done at home. If being a homemaker makes you happy and makes Glenco happy, enjoy yourself. Life is way too short to do what other people think you should do!

  14. I miss you when you aren't here but I get freshened up with smiles and cheer with your first word.
    No one like you . . .
    Happy Stay at Home, Homemaker Days . . .

  15. Great words of encoruagement! One thing I have learned...going back to work will never be temporary! :)

  16. Amen Sister!!! My heart longs to be home ALL THE TIME!!! I really don't work too often...12 hours a week, and at the library at that! Best place to work if you are going to have a job! But I hate having that schedule! I want to bake and sew and clean and host!
    Hopefully I'll get back to that again someday, but for now? It is what it is!!!
    So nice to see you again :)

  17. Really great post, Jayme! This time of year brings out my inner homemaker, which unfortunately does not match my outer reality. But, we live in hope. Thanks also for the great recipe.

  18. I always click on your blog to see if you have posted, as well. It's always a little thrill when you have! I'm glad to see you back. I have times when I love being a homemaker (not so much the cleaning part, however). When I get to retirement, I may love it even more. Have a wonderful day and enjoy some homemade baking!

  19. So glad you're back, you have been missed. I totally agree with your comments on homemaking. Having worked for many years, I am now a homemaker full time, and I have never been so happy and contented. xx

  20. A good Post on the Joys of being Home! Hope you're not too Over It so that we can enjoy more great Posts? Happy Thanksgiving from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  21. Yeah! I was so excited to see you had posted for us today. I've missed you! You always brighten my day! I too, love being a home maker. There's no place like home. Take care and don't be a stranger. I need you out here in blog reading land, and I'm pretty sure many others do too.
    Happy Thanksgiving!
    Deanna B

  22. Jayme,
    I just found your blog today. I am very thankful when I read the way another person has triumphed over food addiction. I struggle. I am only about 25 lbs overweight and I have gotten thin again and again but within 2 years I have always been back in the same puffy miserable place-25 lbs overweight. Please don't stop blogging and sharing how you struggle and WIN. It inspires me so much and even though I have not read comments to your posts-too busy reading all your good stuff, but I will slow down and read what your readers have commented next. When I read your post from March 5th about sugar addiction I knew I had to let you know-your story is valuable-it could be the turning point for a lot of people. Thanks. And don't get so tired of blogging that you stop! Your voice is needed!

  23. Well said!! Amen to all... from one happy homemaker to another. -Tammy
    p.s. please don't leave us! you're one of the bestest!

  24. You've certainly gained a new follower---I saw the title of this when reading Mama Pea's blog and am I glad I checked it out. This fits my views to a tee. I've been a homemaker my whole life. I am grateful for that privilege and I have no doubts that hubby seconds that! It's a wonderful way to spend a life. Not sure how it became to be thought of as drudgery. The days have endless variety. I can be as creative as I like. What's not to love!
    Anyway--the point of my mini-novel is I really enjoyed this post!

  25. Thinking of you fondly Jayme and wishing you a wonderful start to your holiday season. I share your struggles every time I stop in. I too am still trying to find balance between home n work. Lately I'm on FB as it connects me with my horse biz friends but I miss my bloggy home n decor n farm friends too... Oh well, it's a blessed n busy life! Thanks for sharing and making me feel normal! ;-)

  26. Amen, sister! ... as I head into the kitchen to make a bithday cake....


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