Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Lessons from the Lilacs

It’s the glorious month of May in the glorious State of Indiana. 

What a wonderful time to be alive. 

May has always and forever been one of my two favorite months. 
May and October, October and May. 
Utter deliciousness. 
Polar opposites. 

My love of this fabulous weather and greenery makes a good argument to leave these parts for more temperate lands...but alas, a Midwest girl is what I am. 
It takes gumption and moxie to live here, and dadgumit, I like it. 

In May, every thing is fresh and new, nothing’s been ravaged from the heat and bugs. 
In October, every thing is nearly gone, kissed by frost's kiss of death. 

Usually by this time of the month, I’m standing on street corners begging for money, so I can go get my next fix at the garden center. This year, I’ve only been twice. 
I look around at the work that I need to do, and as usual, it’s overwhelming to me...especially working 24/7 slinging marshmallows. 


This year something happened. 

The lilacs bloomed as they do every year, albeit what seemed a bit late because of our unseasonably cool temps. I reveled in them as usual, exclaiming to anyone in earshot how I did believe it to be the most wonderful time of the year. 

And then my analytical, 'let’s think about some morbid things' brain kicked in...and I did the math for the best case scenario of how many more times I’ll witness these blooms bursting. 

You guys. 

If that doesn’t sober ya up, I’m not sure what will. 
I’m thinking best case scenario, I’ve got maybe 25 more times to witness this wonder of May.

I had to have a come to Jesus meeting. I’ve been working, to my detriment, like a fool, for three solid years. I feel like I’ve aged 20 years. I don’t laugh that much anymore. I don’t find the joy in homemaking anymore. I seriously barely recognized myself. 

I took a day off. I went to the garden center, and I went and bought four young hens. 
I took out my calendar, and erased nearly half the markets that I’d planned on doing. 
It’s still going to take a little doing, but I’m aiming to work only four days a week. 

I know it’s been said ad nauseum, how fast life goes by, etc, but seriously...I’ve watched the lilac bushes bloom here 30 times this year...and I’d be sore pressed to believe I’ve got another 30 times. 

20 Blooms later.

I pray so hard that I’ll remember this lesson of the lilacs this year. 

The photos dispersed about in here are from my yard!  Do you even recognize it?  I keep telling myself it’s got good bones...and I’m doing my best to get some things done when I can, and be grateful for what I do have...but some days I’m just mad as a hornet that I don’t have the time!

I’ve so much catching up to do!


  1. Me too. May And October. October and May. I will be praying for you make choices that suit your heart and home.

  2. Me too. May And October. October and May. I will be praying for you make choices that suit your heart and home.

  3. Welcome Home Coop Keeper ♥️ from Linda Schafer

  4. It's always nice to see a post from you. Firstly, that concoction held in someone's hand (is it marshmallow sandwiched between two cookies?) looks so good! Secondly, I can't believe it's been three years since you started your business venture. Congrats on your hard work and success, but if taking more time to get back to your home and what makes you contented is what you want, do it!! -Jenn

  5. I love it when you post . . .
    Remember . . .
    We heard you say it . . .
    Four days a week!
    You have “the stuff” to stick to it!
    ENJOY . . .

  6. Good for you Jayme. I kind of had the same realization at my last birthday realizing my Mom was only 4 years older than me when we lost my Dad. Made me realize money isn’t everything need to stop and take time to smell those lilacs!!!! ��. Also FYI we have a lot more than 25 years. Ive got a group of 3 friends and we all love sewing, gardening and cooking. So our plan is a Golden Girls house and you are most welcome to join us.

  7. You are such a wise lady. Wisdom that comes from life and love and tears and a heart that's full. Those years that roll around so quickly, yes we enjoy them, but we can learn from them too. And I'm trying to learn. Lord I'm trying. I'm a worker. I've worked since I was in high school. I'm a saver, don't want to run out of money. So I work and I save and those years just keep rolling by. I too love May and October. Fall is my favorite. And like you, I'm starting to realize that I only have so many blustery October days when a chilly rain is falling and the leaves are swirling and I need to enjoy every single one that I have left. My mom has been sick for two years, and we don't know how much time she has. But I have my first grandchild due this fall, and so a part of me wants to slow down time for my mom, and yet I can't wait for late fall to welcome my grandbaby. And you know what, I have to accept that I have no control over time. I can't slow it down or speed it up. However, I can do one thing, and that is BE PRESENT in each and every day. So I spend time with my mom every single day, and I smile when I think of my little grandchild and all the memories we will make. So thank you dear friend. Thank you for the reminder of what is really important. Thank you for reminding me to be present. Sending a hug from Missouri to Indiana!!

  8. I always think of you at home with your hens. Do you believe that I still have a jar of your honey tucked away? I loved it so much, I wanted to save one. How crazy is that? I have lilac bushes and they are possibly my favorite thing about Spring. Enjoy yours, and enjoy being home a little more.

  9. I was wondering how long it would take before you realized that life is too short to be doing what you were doing to yourself. Glad you got there.....

  10. If I wrote the post I had in mind, you would surely think I took your idea! For years I've counted "How many Christmases are left at home?" for my kids. Trying to make each as magical as I can...but now realizing that Christmas 2018 is the last one for my daughter. It's sad and I the years fly! So yes, cross off some of those shows, dig in the dirt, and love those chickens! Time flies...whether we're having fun or not, so let's enjoy every minute!

  11. Your right, it's sad to say. Our time when you think about it in seasons or holidays seem so short. Like you I stopped to smell the Lilacs.

  12. I turned 65 years old last year in 2017. I told my boss I want to work only 4 days a week because I don't need medical insurance anymore. That's what is happening and next year I plan to tell them I'm going down to 3 days a week. My back is bad and I need to take better care of myself. No one else is going to do it! I keep thinking I can't die and leave my family this mess of a house and all this stuff that's means nothing to anyone but me! It's time to purge and smell the flowers, whether it's lilacs or peonies or roses or rosemary plants!

  13. I'm so happy for your success in your business, but ecstatic that you have decided to give yourself more time for yourself! You need that. You had lilacs and I had peonys. Isn't spring wonderful?

  14. Good for you...I'm doing the same thing after running my business for 14 years..taking time for me and my yard and my pups and my hubs

  15. Jayme, your 'larger than life vision', for many, would be just a plan for 'somewhere down the road', but, you owned the dream and dove in....that's unbelievably inspirational! Recognizing the need to put margins on your 'life pages'; space enough to allow you to come back to yourself will be the priceless gift.....
    You're my cuppa tea Jayme! :o)


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