Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A New Life Unfolds...

The day started in the usual fashion. Strong sweet coffee, talking to chickens, looking for eggs, making the bed, enjoying the beautiful cool September morning. Aaron comes in for school around 7:30. I baked him some delicious Apple Streusel muffins for breakfast. We worked on vocab and his Photography Unit study. I had to leave by 9:30, leaving him on his own to finish up Math, Science, Music History and his Olympic Unit Study.

I went to work. It's what I do four days a week, five hours per day, at the Bureau of Motor Vehicles in our little town. I love the girls I work with. I love most of my customers. Just a side note here....please do not go in a public government office and act a fool. Please do not use the term 'you people'. Thank you.

I put in my time, ran over and filled my antibiotic prescription during my little lunch. All in all it was a beautiful day. I was due off work at 4pm, to come home, look over Aaron's school work and make supper. It's all good.


I'm called in to the office by my manager.

Remember when I took off three days for having what I do believe was the Swine Flu? Well, I'd taken off two days in a row, without any sick time available to call off. I was in bed with a 102 degree fever. I got up to pee, and I was lucky to do that. I felt better, and went to work for a few days. Woke up last Thursday morning with both eyes glued shut. Soaked them open, had pink eye in both eyes. Coughed up a spleen. Went to the Dr. where I was sent for a chest x-ray. I missed work that day. It was all I could do to get home from the Dr.

Ok...three days. Off. No pay. 'Lost time'.

Today I got fired.


I got fired.

That looks weird to see it in print.

I've never been fired from a job. EVER. My last review at the BMV I 'exceeded expectations' in my customer service. My manager was crying as she was firing me. I was shell shocked. I cried. I thanked her for the opportunity to work there and told her I would truly miss my friends at work. It's just BMV policy, that's all it is. You can't fight it. Had I even KNOWN I'd be fired, I would have had to call off. I was just that sick.

I cleaned out my locker.

I turned in my name tag.

I got fired.

I'm so freaking excited!!!!!!

I feel that a new life is unfolding for me. I'm fortunate that I do not have any bills, and the house is paid off, and Lord willing and the creek doesn't rise, I can stay home now. I have a job. It's being a homemaker. It's teaching my nephew. It's taking care of this land and my chickens, and cats and bunny.

It's bliss.

I can't go out now and buy new things for the livingroom. I can't do a lot of things I've been accustomed to. That all pales in comparison to this:

I'm home.

PS Please note that I'm replying to your comments in the comment section. :-) Thanks SO much for the comments.


  1. WoW! Sorry to hear that..policies stink sometimes. I'm glad to hear you are okay with it. Cannot wait to see all your homemaking adventures on your blog:D

  2. Wow! At first I wanted to say "I'm so sorry", but then I kept reading. Sounds like you're happy to be able to stay home, and I say "GOOD FOR YOU"!!! I work 5 days a week, 5 hours a day and wouldn't want to work any more. That would cut into my kids time, my cooking, baking, gardening, knitting...

  3. Yippee Skippee!!!! Welcome to the full-time homemaking world! Please sit down, put your feet up, have a nap if you feel like it! Congrats!

  4. Thanks guys. I'm still a little shell shocked. My job was the only place I ever got to sit down at....lol

  5. does this mean we're not going to Pier One next week? LOL

  6. I feel terrible for you. It's not a good feeling to have the rug pulled out from under your feet. You are being strong and postive, lucky for you it's not going to be a financial drain. But the fact that you loved your job, not many people can say this. The economy stinks, it's affecting everyone in some way. Jayme, I hope something new and wonderful will open up to you now. You are that skilled labor force that's so hard to find so it will find you! Good luck girl...
    joy c. at grannymountain

  7. Well, I know just how you feel. I was fired in November for the same thing. I had never been fired before. You can get unemployement. I thought I couldn't because I was fired but turned out I could.
    Like you I was happy because I thought there would be a new life and we are raising our 2 great neices and 1 great nephew so being home with them has been good. God Provides...
    Good Luck!

  8. My mouth just dropped open as I read you were fired...crazy! Tim was fired for the first time in his working career, was one of the top 3 salesmen...you just go HUH? Anywho's, indeed the Lord has something else for you Jayme! Enjoy this season...

  9. Woo hoo!!!!! :) I am so glad you have such a positive outlook about this! :) That is just how I would be too.

  10. You sound like a very emotionally balanced person. I have adored you from the first time I visited your blog. There is just something so special about you. I am sad that you got fired over such stupid office policies but it sure sounds like your manager was very sad to fire you. Anyway, sorry but how exciting for a new adventure and challenge for you. And, more stay at home free time and time to do what is really important to you. Great things are ahead! Don't sweat the money thing. I retired when I wanted to and it is not so bad being on a tighter budget. Money does not buy happiness. Hugs to you~Dogwood

  11. And now, on with our plans!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hooray for you, we have waited and did as the hubby wanted and babam, here ya go. Love,love,love it. We have to celebrate. Love u too, Ra and Ta

  12. Jayme, when my full-time job got downsized out of existence a few years back and I wound up unexpectedly unemployed, I, too, was shell-shocked for a time. But the longer I stayed home, and grew accustomed to living with less money, the more I liked it. I began working part-time a year later, and still do, and earn half of what I used to. But the trade-off is SO worth it! I live on a very tight budget, but in return I have the freedom to do what I want. Enjoy your new-found freedom! And don't forget to SIT DOWN once in awhile.

  13. The saying goes "When one door closes another one opens" I'm sure you'll find a open door or two.
    Enjoy being Home!

  14. So, will you have more time to make strawberry jam? I am eating mine right now on a biscuit and it is DELICIOUS! Thank you so much!

    You are having such a great attitude and I can't wait to see all your new posts about your new adventures!

  15. Good for you Jayme! I'm excited for you too, I know your heart is at home! I can't wait to hear about your many adventures! I went to the beach yesterday, one of the 3 things I wanted to do before summers end (inspired by you!) and it was fabulous! =) You're the best girl!

  16. Jayme, I could feel bad for you except I know in your heart you wanted to be at home doing all the wonderful things you do. Bummer on the office policies but it worked for you and you had nothing to do with it. I'd try the unemployment office for sure.
    Aaron is almost grown, he needs you more than the DMV does and the rewards will be far greater which you know.
    Don't let the "firing" affect you cause you're better than that! Enjoy the coming harvest season with all the zeal you have.

  17. What a wonderful bunch of ladies you all are! I mean that from the bottom of my heart. Aaron is doing his Math now, so I thought I'd sneak in here and read my comments!

    Donna...I'll still go girl...and look. :-(

    Joycee, thank you for your kind comment. I really didn't mind my job at all, and truly loved the people I worked (worked! that sounds weird) with.

    Susan, the same thing huh? It just seems so crazy. What breaks my heart is that it could have happened to one of the single mom's at work, and then what? It just doesn't seem right when you are truly ill, and have Dr's notes to back it up, that you could be fired. I could see if I called off to go fishing or something....

    Julie...thanks honey. That is totally what I was like....huh? They cut off their nose to spite their face, they did.

    Jennifer...I'm trying to stay positive. I have moments of terror though!

    Dogwood. That is the first time I've seen 'emotionally balanced' and my name in the same sentence! Thank you for your sweet sweet comment. I'm so glad we've 'met' each other.

    memememem....:-) oh, we have soooo many plans!!!!

    Sparky, thanks so much. You really encouraged me.

    Pam, thank you. :-)

    Mama Hen. Jam a plenty, baby!

    Tina. You are so sweet. I'm glad you got to the beach. I'm still working on my list! One week to go before it's OFFICIALLY fall!

    Linda...thank you. I still feel scared. So excited though I can't even sleep. Was up almost all night. I do think it's what's best for my family, and for me. I will miss my friends at work.

    And now...I must go frolic naked in the fields singing the theme song from Aladdin....so if ya'll will excuse me......

  18. Wow. Isn't it ridiculous how policies tend to penalize the most faithful, diligent workers in the end? You have the most positive attitude - good for you. To be in a position where it's ok is great. Wonder what the future holds? What exciting plans does God have for you? It is the start of a new life, or at least a new chapter! Congrats ... in a weird, twisted way! :)

  19. i think you should have gone into work and spread that swine flu, pink eye and whatever else you had to share! i'm happy you get to stay home, it will be worth it even if you can't buy new furniture!

  20. Sometimes the best things in life come out of the hardest, and it sounds like that is one of those situations. I can't imagine how it felt to get fired, especially when you had no choice but to miss work, but it sounds like you're embracing this as a new beginning. What a great attitude!

  21. get a job you loser ! or you have no reason not to come and see me and we will go on a BBQ hell run. Love ya, Jim

  22. Jennifer...thanks for the encouragement. It's weird. It's just weird. I'm sure I'll get used to this soon!

    Life is Good...I wish I could have! If ONLY I could have got out of bed. I could have infected the entire county by now!

    Erin...It was horrible being fired. I felt so scolded. I still don't think I did anything WRONG. It's a stupid policy. I'm just thankful that for now, it's ok for me to stay home. It would horrible if I had to go right out and look for another job that would work around me homeschooling.

    Jim. Ahem. It's about dang time you commented on my blog! I'm ready for Porkfest II. See you in October!

  23. blog smlog, get your butt down here and lets find some pig. Bring those rocket dog shoes cause they look perfect for running down a hog!

  24. Your Canadian FriendSeptember 16, 2009 at 5:23 PM

    OK, but NOW where are you going to go to take it easy?!

    Seriously, they can DO that? That just makes no sense to me whatsoever. You are sick for real, ok you have no 'sick time' left. You're not asking to get paid... and yet they FIRE you? This is what? A state law? That this one time you happened to be truly sick more than .75 days per month, (and the Doc will vouch for it) and even if you're an "exceeds expectations" employee, sorry, we can fire your ass?? I'm absolutely OUTRAGED on your behalf!

    Now, I know you're thrilled, but that's not the point!! So, having said ALL that, I'm thrilled that you're thrilled, and I know you will enjoy the hell out of it..

    Hugs girl,


  25. Jayme,
    It's okay just to look but pssst...Donna's buying:D
    You make me tired just reading your durn blog.
    Hang in there girl and get some rest

  26. Jayme what a horrid policy! You are truly lucky that you do not need this job to survive, that would of been very bad.

    Yep, like they say one door closes another one opens. Sounds like you have your head in the right place, for sure!!

  27. Are you serious??? That bytes but I'm looking at it this way, you're better off in the long run.

  28. Came across your blog via The Cottage Nest. Congratulations on winning her giveaway. You deserve it after what you have been through. So sorry this has happened to you..

    Sounds like you are staying very busy since you left the job! I'm definitely going to try to make your pumpkin scone recipe. Thanks for sharing that...


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